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21st February 2021

«Nestle to become greener»

8th February 2021

Knowledge sharing: «From fast towards slow fashion»

Titelblatt Grafik
4th January 2021

«Achieving sustainable returns»

4th December 2020

«Sustainability on the threshold of the mainstream»

29th October 2020

Making-of movie commercial

It's a first: From 29 October 2020, three movie commercials by Forma Futura are being shown on various silver screens in Zurich!

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26th June 2020

Our opinion: «Pesticides ─ Blessing or curse?»

27th May 2020

Swiss Reading Day 2020: Interview with Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

6th April 2020

Nomination Swiss Ethics Award 2020

Swiss Ethics Award 2020
19th March 2020

Climate strike Switzerland: Two green institutions

13th February 2020

«With money comes responsibility»

15th December 2019

«Investors are already in the middle of the energy system transformation»

28th November 2019

«The system is sick»

1st October 2019

«In addition to the CO2 footprint, other indicators are also important»

19th September 2019

«Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award 2019»

27th August 2019

Update: «Sustainability and performance go together»

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