Charitable Foundations

Forma Futura offers charitable foundations individualized asset management services. Thanks to our holistic view of the business, a portfolio of investments can be constructed that is both consistent with the values of the foundation as well as achieving a fair market return.

Non-profit organizations are normally measured by how effectively they serve good causes. This also applies to an organization’s financial assets. Therefore, the management of a foundation's financial assets cannot be considered independent of the primary purpose of the foundation. Otherwise, a foundation may discover that it has invested in the securities of a company whose business is inconsistent with the foundation's purpose. This can pose significant reputational risk. Donors rarely accept their donations being used for making inappropriate investments.

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Walter Hättenschwiler

Walter Hättenschwiler

Head of Private Clients/Foundations

«With an Ecuadorian mother and a Swiss father, I not only combine two different cultural backgrounds, but also draw on the strength of being able to empathize with diverse living contexts. This intercultural awareness forms the basis of my social skills, which are based on respect, tolerance and equal opportunities.
Forma Futura does not offer its own products and enables transparent, honest and cost-efficient asset management. Our achievements to date convincingly underline the fact that sustainability and positive returns are by no means mutually exclusive.»