Family Offices

Forma Futura unterstützt Family Offices, deren Kunden hohe Ansprüche an die Nachhaltigkeit ihrer Finanzanlagen stellen. Als Spezialisten in diesem Bereich können bei von uns verwalteten Portfolios die Bedürfnisse nach finanzieller Sicherheit und ökologischer und sozialer Verantwortung optimal in Einklang gebracht werden.

Verantwortungsbewusst mit einem Familienvermögen umzugehen bedeutet eine langfristige Perspektive einzunehmen, um die Lebenschancen für die nächsten Generationen zu erhalten. Forma Futura verfolgt diesen Gedanken konsequent, wenn es um die Auswahl der Finanzanlagen geht. Das Vermögen soll in der Realwirtschaft eine positive Wirkung entfalten und zugleich eine marktgerechte Rendite erzielen, was der langfristigen Werterhaltung für heutige und zukünftige Generationen dient.

Sustainable Investments

Forma Futura makes sustainable long-term investments in companies that meet all of the strict criteria of our investment selection process. Investments are made only in liquid, exchange-traded securities. Preference is given to direct investments in stocks and bonds. For reasons of diversification, targeted sustainable equity funds may also be used.

Individual Investment Profile

Based upon an analysis of each client's risk capacity and risk appetite, Forma Futura offers different individual investment profiles in Swiss francs and Euros. Depending upon the chosen strategy, the equity component can range between 0 and 100 percent. Individual portfolios start from approximately CHF 500'000.

Comprehensive Reporting

Asset management with Forma Futura includes detailed reporting. In addition to a statement of portfolio performance, we also report on the sustainability performance of as well as the key financial figures of the companies and funds held in the portfolio.

Exercising Active Shareholders' Rights

Another service we provide our clients is the voting recommendations for the shareholders' meetings of Swiss companies. The exercise of shareholder voting rights is an essential tool for influencing the sustainable development of enterprises.

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Walter Hättenschwiler

Walter Hättenschwiler

Head of Private Clients/Foundations

«With an Ecuadorian mother and a Swiss father, I not only combine two different cultural backgrounds, but also draw on the strength of being able to empathize with diverse living contexts. This intercultural awareness forms the basis of my social skills, which are based on respect, tolerance and equal opportunities.
Forma Futura does not offer its own products and enables transparent, honest and cost-efficient asset management. Our achievements to date convincingly underline the fact that sustainability and positive returns are by no means mutually exclusive.»