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Forma Futura wants to be an inspiration to a finance industry that serves both its clients and society.

By being an independent provider of sustainable financial products, as well as providing essential investment knowledge, we empower our clients by helping them to invest in a socially responsible manner while achieving market competitive yields.

The purpose of our business involvement is to promote sustainability in both the personal and social areas. Through new insights and our work, we want to stimulate changes which help create a robust financial system that promotes the real economy.

We perceive ourselves as a learning environment for new things. For committed colleagues, we offer sensible responsibilities and support them with continuing education and personal growth. We pride ourselves in being a socially responsible employer.

Robert Müller

Robert Müller

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Private Clients/Foundations
«My personal goal is to put our values – responsible, sustainable, respectful, transparent, courageous, and unconventional – into practice. Forma Futura allows me to provide impartial advice to our customers without any conflicts of interest and to offer honest, fair and good service.»