Preserve your assets.
Forge your future.


Foster the sustainable quality of life.
Invest with conviction.
Contribute to preserving assets.
Shape the future together.


We invest consciously on the basis of our values and implement it resolutely. We form our own opinion and stand by it.

Preserving assets

We treat valuable resources with respect and thus help to preserve the ecological, social, cultural and economic assets that form the foundation of our lives.

The future

We want to shape a worthwhile future together in a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders.

Robert Müller

Robert Müller

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Private Clients/Foundations
«My personal goal is to put our values – responsible, sustainable, respectful, transparent, courageous, and unconventional – into practice. Forma Futura allows me to provide impartial advice to our customers without any conflicts of interest and to offer honest, fair and good service.»