Sustainability Report 

Sustainability is our guiding philosophy at Forma Futura. Much like a compass, our understanding of sustainability informs not only our thoughts, but also our actions. We seek to address the multifaceted challenges of our time with this guiding compass and are convinced that a sustainable quality of life is only possible if our actions respect the social and ecological boundaries of our planet. As a wealth manager, we safeguard the quality of life for this and for future generations by managing risks as well as focusing on solid business models and future-proof innovations.  

With our"encompassing sustainability" platform, Forma Futura publishes a somewhat different sustainability report. Rather than publishing information about sustainability at Forma Futura annually, we share up-to-date insights of how we live sustainability on an ongoing basis.

Forma Futura Sustainability Report 2016/2017 (in German)
Forma Futura Sustainability Report 2015 (in German)
Forma Futura Sustainability Report 2014 (in German)

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Alice Balmer

Alice Balmer

Co-Head Sustainability Research

«For me, dealing respectfully with resources and fellow human beings are values that matter in the financial industry too. We are all responsible for global inter-generational justice.»